The Art Of Epoxy Resin In Live Edge Wood

Resin in Wood

As with makers of resin river tables Artful Shelves source kiln dried character timber boards with imperfections specifically tailored for Resin In Wood with clear or pigment Inclusions by taking advantage of the wood’s natural cavities, splits, cracks, gnarly knots coupled with a contorted rustic wavy live edge.

Trying to create these features by hand just does not work!

Prior to shaping and adding the Glass Cast Epoxy Resin in the wood It’s vital that kiln dried live edge timber wood slabs are used when crafting our wood wall art resin shelves, countertop and breakfast bar tables, thus we purchase natural live edge timber boards with a moisture content of 7% to 10%. Prior to crafting, we store converted wood from customers’ orders in our heated workshop for 2 weeks at an average temperature of 18% to 20% this helps acclimatise for indoor use, this is a similar process when laying wooden floorboards in your home, office etc.

Timber is like a sponge in that when you move it out of a controlled fixed temperature-moisture environment it absorbs its surrounding conditions when colder or damp raising its lower finished kiln dried moisture content.

It’s imperative when purchasing timber for internal use the moisture content is 7-10% any greater will end in movements. Also bear in mind when testing MC within timber most moisture digital meters pick up the readings from the  timber board surface and is not a true reflection of water held within.

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Crafting Shelf 3

Crafting with resin is time consuming

A typical 4-foot x 40mm thick 6-8-inch-wide floating resin wood wall art shelf will take approximately 2 weeks acclimatising and a further day to shape, 6-8 days applying layers of Crafting Resin prior to shaping by our Wood Bowl Turners Kirjes pneumatic sander finishing off with orbital sanding to 220 grit.

We apply the same crafting process practice as above whether making a floating bathroom countertop basin-sink shelf, wavy edge breakfast bar table or our Resin In Wood wall art shelves

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Resin Colour Pigments are purchased from a UK based arts and crafts company Resin 8, they support a vast selection of Mica Powders Pigments. Our Crystal Clear, Glass Cast Epoxy Resin comes from Easy Composites. Both products are perfect for our style of wood art.

Where to buy live edge wood for resin river tables and floating shelves

Live Edge kiln dried character timber slab Resin Wood boards come at a premium cost, we either purchase by individual board or per cubic foot. Artful Shelves primarily wood craft with Walnut, English Yew, Sweet Chestnut, Burr Horse Chestnut, Acacia Wood, Burr Oak and Pippy Oak natural edge boards.

Crafting Shelf 7

Timber cost to us for character live edge Yew Wood slab boards prior to shipping per ft3 kiln dried runs in the region of £120-£200.00 depending on the quality and sawmill. Timber volume In a 4ft shelf x 8 inches wide by 2 inches thick prior to plaining and sanding is just under half a cubic foot. The timber cost does not include Epoxy Resin, Resin8 Micra Pigment, Abrasives, Hard wax Oil, Natural Oil, Varnish, Morrells 440 High Solid Lacquer, perfect for wet environments, bathrooms, kitchens etc.

Artful Shelves are asked if we could supply character raw timber shelves for the DIY home crafting projects, if we have surplus timber boards or offcuts in stock we are more than happy to help our customers buy wood from us direct.

For further information on purchasing live edge timber for DIY or a bespoke order enquiry then please do email Steven on: [email protected] 

Green Epoxy Resin In Wood
Resin In Wood With Fluid Art On Canvas
Live Edge Breakfast Bar blue Resin Table Shelf